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After watching all the anime episodes of Love Hina and Love Hina Again (OAV), and slowly purchasing the manga of Love Hina, I freaked when I saw that there was a game for the GBA.

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Those that DO know the story will notice the inconsistencies, which will be addressed later.

If you have no idea what Love Hina is and you’re playing this game anyway, let me give a brief synopsis.

Graphically, the game artstyle is georgeous, and the audio fits the game really well, some o fthe overskills used in the game are really a joy to look at.

The gameplay itself can seem simple at first, but there is a new kind of depth to it and some nice innovations. Language [ Boxart included : ] ۲b OUt_da_g AMe Long ago, a war between gods and demons -- Ragnarok -- erupted, and the world was thrown into a state of chaos.

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During the N64 era, all of Nintendo's Beloved franchises were making their 3D Debuts on the N64.

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